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What a Therapist Does

Most types of therapy include talking and listening, building trust, and receiving support and guidance. Sometimes therapists may recommend books for people to read or work through. They may also suggest keeping a journal.

When a person talks to a therapist about which situations might be difficult for them or what stresses them out, this helps the therapist assess what is going on. The therapist and client then usually work together to set therapy goals and figure out what will help the person feel better or get back on track.

It might take a few meetings with a therapist before people really feel like they can share personal things. It's natural to feel that way. Trust is an essential ingredient in therapy seeing as it involves being open and honest about sensitive topics like feelings, ideas, relationships, problems, disappointments, and hopes. A therapist understands that people sometimes take a while to feel comfortable sharing personal information.

You and the therapist talk. You figure out the insight to your problems and you grow and work on them. They don't do anything but listen and possibly give you other alternatives to think about but you do what you think is best for you. They do not tell you what to do.

Therapists are very supportive. They do not judge and do not say you should have done this and that or even tell you are wrong. They help guide you in what you want to do with your life. You do grow from it. It is work and it takes honesty if you want help, and it is up to you to bring up the subjects and ask for help.

No one can help you but yourself, but therapists ask questions that make you think and talk. They ask open ended questions and want to know how you feel about something, and why, so you can see what is inside and making you anxious and having the problems you are.

It can be a great experience, and a not so great. If you don't like your therapist ask for another one. Not all therapists are created equal and not everyone is meant to like everyone else.

If you have therapy from a group practice, ask to see the same person every time. Sometimes they switch you back and forth between people and you are constantly repeating to someone else what you already talked about. Try to get the same person all the time so they know you and you can start off where you left off, and not start over each time. But, this is not always possible.

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