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Face-to-Face Counselling

This type of counselling is considered to be the usual type of counselling which is on offer. It involves the Counsellor and client sitting down in close proximity of each other, at a designated time and location, and discussing the issues of the client.

Some people prefer this form of counselling, but others may be restricted by time, money, or feel embarrassed about talking to someone in person.

In these cases there are other methods of counselling available: Video Counselling; Counselling by Phone; by Email; Instant Message; and even by Text.

Some Cousellors believe that it is important to see the body language of the client, which can be so but it would not be helpful for the client if they were unable to, or not want to, meet face-to-face. In this case a home visit would be possible, or any of the other methods already mentioned.

The other methods could simply be used, at the start, as just a way for the Counsellor to earn the trust of the client to then have face to face meetings later on, or carry on the same way.

What is the best method for the client, is what is important.

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