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Equal Opportunities Monitoring


Male ___Female___ Prefer not to say___
If you are undergoing the process of gender reassignment, please tick the box that applies to your future gender.

What age group do you belong to?

___18-25 ___25-35 ___35-45 ___ 45-55 ___over 55 ___Prefer not to say

How would you describe your sexuality?

___heterosexual/straight ___gay man ___gay woman/lesbian ___bi-sexual ___Prefer not to say

Do you consider that you have a disability?

___Yes ___No ___Prefer not to say

Do you have a disability as defined by the Disability Discrimination Act?

___Yes ___No ___I don't know ___Prefer not to say

Do you consider that you have a long-term health problem?

___Yes ___No ___Prefer not to say

How would you describe your religion or belief?

My religion or belief is ____________________________________________

___I have no religion or belief.
___Prefer not to say

How would you describe your nationality?

___British ___English ___Scottish ___Welsh ___Irish __Other (please describe) ____________

How would you describe your ethnic origin?

___White/Mixed___White ___White and Black Caribbean ___White and Black African

___White and Asian

Any other Mixed background (please describe) ________________________________________

___Asian ___Indian ___Pakistani ___Bangladeshi

Any other Asian background (please describe) _________________________________________

Black -

___Caribbean ___African

Any other Black background (please describe) _________________________________________


Any other ethnic group/background, please describe ____________________________________

___Prefer not to say

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