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Counselling by Email

Email counselling follows the same fundamental principles as face-to-face counselling but uses a different medium. It provides you with an opportunity to explore personal issues in a private setting with a counsellor who will work with you to understand what you are experiencing and perhaps help you to consider any changes you may wish to make. Instead of a weekly face-to-face appointment in the counsellor's room, a weekly email is exchanged between counsellor and client.

Some people may find it difficult to attend face-to-face counselling for a variety of reasons:

  • juggling family and/or work/study commitments,

  • hectic or irregular timetables,

  • having a disability or illness that prevents you from attending in person,

  • finding face-to-face meetings stressful or embarrassing.

Once you express an interest in email counselling, you can simply email that you wish to talk to someone, and even write a bit about the issue/s which you wish to discuss. Everything you say is confidential. If email counselling is not advised, other options can be explored at this point.

Once counselling is agreed, your counsellor will discuss with you how often you wish to make contact. This can be a specific time and day for several email interaction, or general emails sent to each other when you both have time to reply. Other guidelines, if necessary, will be discussed at this point too.

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